Zip-lock – a reusable tape, that is destined for poster joining in scrolling systems. It consists of two polypropylene profiles (based on extruded high-duty polypropylene) with adhesive layers, that are stuck to poster edges. Due to the system of grooves and juts zip-lock joins two posters in one ribbon. This joint is separable.

High tenacity of adhesive layer  -  provides simple, quick and firm joint of poster and zip-lock profile; makes the poster preparation for installation shorter, it does not require any special treatment or re-equipment of your production.
Possibility of simple and quick installation of a poster into scrolling system  - дto join two profiles you just need to put them together and simply click them using special runner-lock. To unlock them just take one tape and pull it out.
Possibility of re-usage - zip-lock allows you to replace or add posters several times. Due to zip-lock you can change the order of posters again and again.
Reasonable price  – an ideal quality-to-price ratio.
We can offer you France or Korea-manufactured zip-lock.

Technical details:
width of one tape: 18 mm
width of visible part: 4 mm
width of two joint tapes: 34 mm