city lighte boards

City Boards scrollercity lighte boards 2.7 3.7 m

City board


 City board # 400 is:

- new, aesthetic design

- thin aluminium casing

- air-proof jointless  frame

- economic LED lightninng

- different types of doors

- door bracing without hinges

-  during poster replacement snow and rain do not get inside

- city board's thickness is 400 mm


City board

Scrolling sign is a kind of advertising lightbox equipped with automatize scrolling system to show advertising posters at specified time intervals. The scrolling signes are installed as a free-standing constructions. The most popular types are City board (2.7m x 3.7m) and City Format (1.2m x 1.8m), special sizes can also be designed on request. Scrolling signs can be single-sided and double-sided. Standard city format lightboxes, advertising pillar, window displays, wall constructions can be equipped with scrolling systems. 

Undertaken mission

The advertising signs market developes in a quality way, the quantity of advertising constructions reduces while the advirtising area capacity of one construction grows. City board is a great alternative to the usual 3m x 6m board: the capacity of each side (A&B) is 5-8 advertising posters, aesthetic appearance, inside lightning, advertising area is 10 sq.m. what satisfies legal restrictions.


Description of scrolling sign (city board 2.7*3.7)

Different variations of city board srolling sings (2.7*3.7m) are always available:

  • single-sided scroller (5+0), blind back panel
  • double-sided scroller (5+1), one dynamic side, one static side
  • double-sided scroller (5+5), both sides scrolling
City Boards Manufacturing


Scrolling sign consists of 4 main parts:

  • Casing is made of anodized aluminium, scrolling system and lighting are installed inside. The casing performs two main functions: load bearing function for equipment mounting and protective function from influence of atmospherical condensation.   
  • Scrolling system is destined for scrolling and demonstration of advertising posters.
  • Lighting set makes a poster bright at night. Inside lighting works as back projection. 
  • Stand is used for fixing.

City board specification


Quantity in one scroller

(dynamic+blind back panel)

Quantity in one scroller


Quantity in one scroller



Scrolling system

(without tranceducer)

1 pcs 1 pcs 2 pcs

Two rollers with motors

and scroll-end detectors, main controller,

power supply unit, POPS

2 Programmer 1 pcs 1 pcs 1 pcs Plug-in handheld programmer
  Door keys 1 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs  
4 Assembled casing  1 pcs 1 pcs 1 pcs Aluminium with steel middle frame
5 Assembled door 1 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs Frame, glass, gas springs
6 Glass 1 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs Tempered, 8 mm
7 Lightning Lum - 1 копмл.
LED – 1 компл.
Lum - 1 копмл.
LED – 2 компл.
Lum - 1 копмл.
LED – 2 компл.
LUM lamps, LED strips, lightning relay
8 Electric 1 pcs 1 pcs 1 pcs 220V, 16 A
9 Stand 1 pcs 1 pcs 1 pcs Steel

Structure of aluminium casing of city board 2.7*3.7

High-technology profile is produced specially for city board scrolling signs. This kind of profile was tested in different climate conditions in Russia and all over the world. Due to double installation of connecting elements (in profile cavity and inside of casing corner) the corners do not come apart in the future. Thanks to anodisng technology our unit is weather resistant.